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Where is the EXE?

first post: Randy_D wrote: I've downloaded SiteCollectionManagement.zip and extracted it but I...

Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException' was thrown.

first post: techowl wrote: As with a previous discussion I do not see an option for delete. ...

latest post: tanhtinh wrote: I get the same error. Please help

Delete SharePoint Groups

first post: david_tappan wrote: Unless I'm missing something, I can't use this tool to delete Shar...

latest post: david_tappan wrote: Could you please explain how? There is no pull-down menu or other ...

Which version of SharePoint?

first post: lezdrum wrote: Can this tool be used for a WSS v3 site collection?

latest post: guruketepalli wrote: Yes, this tool can be used for WSS V3 site collections.

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